Wild Flowers & Weeds


The story behind our new limited edition scents. With Global Head of Product Development, Céline Roux and Master Perfumers Louise Turner and Yann Vasnier.

What did you want to capture in this collection?

Céline: Our Brit collection is always an opportunity for us to explore new olfactive territories. For this one it was the idea of wild flowers – not the typical wild flowers you find in a field like a daisy or a daffodil, but flowers that are almost not really flowers but weeds. What I love about wild flowers and weeds is that the nature takes over, with no rhyme or reason – and makes things unexpectedly beautiful. You often find these types of flowers next to canals. So we went on an adventure! In Britain especially, a lot of people have memories of going on barge holidays, and the boats themselves are really special and unique. The boats also helped us when creating the scents – they are often decorated with flowers and herbs, and you have the woodburner inside the boat. Those were key points we wanted to capture in the collection.

What is it that is so unique about this collection?

Céline: In general, you don’t hear about ingredients like willow, lupin or wild achillea in perfumery. Hemlock is known to be poisonous and nettles can sting you. It’s the contrasts and the ingredients that make the fragrances so original.

Willow & Amber

Céline: I loved the image of the weeping willow draped over the water, and I really wanted to capture that in the collection. It brings something a bit more sensual with the woods. The image of the tree is very appealing from an olfactive point of view, portraying sensuality, freshness and lightness. Willow trees are always in movement, and the fragrance represents this.

Lupin & Patchouli

Yann: This fragrance started from a lupin accord, which was very vegetal and floral. The patchouli adds the fun – it reminds you of a walk by the water with your friends.

Nettle & Wild Achillea

Louise: It was a real challenge to take a nettle, which is so green, stingy and natural and transform it into something you could wear as a fragrance. The wild achillea balances it out, adds very clean and fresh notes. This scent really adds variety to the overall collection.

Hemlock & Bergamot

Yann: We used mimosa to represent natural hemlock, which gives a really yellow, powdery scent, as well as cassie. This is complemented by the cucumber, birch leaves and the white musk.

Louise: The scent is powdery but really fresh and soft.

Cade & Cedarwood

Céline: Cade & Cedarwood adds that warmth and comfort of going inside from the cold. To enhance the woody, caramelised notes we re-used the exclusive English Oak absolu that was created for our English Oak collection in this fragrance.